My First NRA Convention

By this time on Thursday, I hope to be heading out in a rent-a-heap pointed south. I’ve been to conventions before, just not NRA. I’m assuming far less cosplay than at a comic book convention. Although, that might be interesting. But then again, you’d wind up with some tarted up, skin-tight, cleavage-flaunting Charlton Heston or Gunnie inspired get-up, and none of us needs that image in our heads*.

So, while I’m kidding myself with the idea that I’ll be able to stick to a plan and visit the booths on my list and ask them all super intelligent questions like, “Is pink the new black?” and “So what sets your new-fangled 1911 apart from their new-fangled 1911?”, I’d really like to know if there is anything of particular interest to my readers. I will make an honest effort to follow up on requests in between my manic raccoon Ooh! Shiny! Squee! flitting about. Who/what should I shoot? With my camera, of course.

And for those of you that have been there, which booths are absolutely don’t miss/must see? Also who will be handing out the best swag? I am on a mission. I even have comfortable shoes.

For those of you that will be there, please do find me. I’d love to meet you. I’ll be the one bouncing from booth to booth and talking way too fast.

*It will now haunt your dreams with the combination of absolutely wrong and yet strangely hot. You’re welcome.

24 thoughts on “My First NRA Convention”

  1. I’ll tell you the same thing I told Jay G:

    I have an insatiable desire for a pistol caliber carbine. Preferably one that doesn’t look like a kissing cousin to an AR (I liked the old Marlin Camp Carbines…sue me). So, Glock, Smith, Ruger, Marlin…anyone…Bueller…any plans for a PCC?

    I wish I could be there. Time, money and work commitments prevent me. Otherwise, I would have loved to have met you in person. If your rent-a-wreck finds its way to Dallas coming or going and you have time…drop me an email and we can arrange a dinner or coffee pitstop.

  2. The two times I went I was able to shoot expensive air guns on the air gun range.
    Feinwerkbau and Anschutz air guns were extremely accurate and had fine

    Kids of all ages were having a lot of fun at the range.

  3. Agree with DaddyHawk (not necessarily about the PCC, but the rest. Okay, the last little bit). Will be working on Thursday (darn those bills), but if y’all happen to cruise through the DFW area on your way home, let us know!

  4. “tarted up, skin-tight, cleavage-flaunting Charlton Heston”

    And there we had AD’s next gambit for Kilted to Kick Cancer.


      1. Sorry dear lady but I feel I must.
        Because such a play by AD would demand response from the rest of the contestants.

        And that amuses my black little heart.



  5. Zombie Moses in the hoochie mama summer casual uniform…

    Well, you gotta admit, it beats Wayne LaPierre in fishnets and a bustier.

    But I like it! If I can find a Charlton Heston mask, I’ll do Charlton in a hooker outfit and pushup bra if y’all put me in the top 3 in fundraising this year.

    1. Well that would certainly get attention. But seeing as how I don’t own thigh high boots and my hair is not yet long enough for a ponytail, I suppose this one will have to go unfulfilled.

  6. Erin, thanks for the recommendation. The Sub2000 is about the only Kel Tec product that I’ve heard consistently good things about. Having said that, I’m not a fan of it’s aesthetics. I can’t help it. I like traditional wood stocks. That’s why an updated Camp Carbine would be a big draw for me.

  7. Okay, I will have to admit that the CX4 is a sexy beast that has caught my eye from time to time. And, hey, it was the main gun used in the SyFy Battlestar Gallactica series. How cool is that? My only hesitation with it is that I want the option to use Glock or M&P mags.

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