There Were Protesters, And So I Shot Them

Each and every one of them. Didn’t even require a reload.

Girl Reading Names


This girl was reading names of people who have been killed with guns. Those killed via other means are not mentioned. Couldn’t tell if the guy in green shorts was with them or not.

Girl Reading Names2Here’s another angle. The guy in the suit was definitely not with the protest. He appeared to be attempting a debate. So if we give them green short guy, we’ve got 4 people so far.

ProtestHmm. Here’s green shorts again. Hard to tell if this group is part of the protest, but let’s be generous and move the count up to 5. I’m not counting the kid in the stroller.



So I stepped back and went for a long range shot. Ended up shooting several bystanders that were doing nothing other than passing through. Wrong place, wrong time, I suppose.

Must be the fault of my high capacity SD card in my camera.



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