9 thoughts on “Day Two Highlight”

    1. Erin, I’m guessing since it’s from Apex, that it is a replacement trigger group and springs and the label says it’s for a J Frame S&W Revolver. Very sweet. I hope I’m right, and if I am someone is about to have a very smooth, crisp trigger.

      1. You are right. 🙂 My 642 was smooth albeit heavy after a lot of dry firing. Putting in the Apex kit (a $25 kit and twenty minutes of my time) dropped it from “damn that’s heavy” to “it’s definitely a DA trigger, but noticeably lighter”.

  1. I got one from Derek @ thepackingrat.net for my 940 9mm J-frame, which had 20 years of regular dry-fire (and live-fire) on that trigger, so it was smooooth. Apex’s turned out to be just as smooth and a little slicker. I actually preferred my old one, but not enough to swap it back in. You will like Apex’s kit, I predict.

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