Angelina’s Boobs

Why is everyone talking about Angelina’s boobs today anyway? I thought it was the leg that usually made headlines.



Kidding aside, good for her, and bravo for being public about it. A double mastectomy certainly seems drastic, but if you can reduce your risk of cancer from 87% to 5%, that kind of seems like a no-brainer. Yes, she’s another dancing monkey, but even they can be useful. I’ve known women that delayed treatment because they were afraid of losing their boobs. Yes, mastectomy and reconstruction is intensive, but it is far from the end of the world. Be proactive with your health. Don’t ever let fear get in the way of life.

And even after cancer, there is still beauty.

6 thoughts on “Angelina’s Boobs”

  1. Shows how warped my mind is that I thought of half a dozen jokes when I first read this. Shows how my parents trained me that I haven’t used ONE. After reading and hearing more about it, I’m of the mind that she did what she thought necessary in a difficult situation; she deserves kudos but should remind everyone that this isn’t for every woman. Consultations and education on it is important,

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