Jon Stewart Makes a Funny

You just have to watch.

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What’s particularly awesome about this is that so many people are getting their news from this guy. Specifically people that are far more inclined to lean left. Smooth move there from the administration ticking off the bootlickers Associated Press.

Yes, I think it is singularly awesome that the administration wiretapped the press. It was absolutely wrong, and I believe it is unconstitutional. What makes it so delicious is that the press is finally a victim of the administration. They are like the mistress that marries the guy after he finally leaves his wife and is shocked to find out he’s unfaithful to her too. Bu…bu…you promised to protect our rights! You said you loved us! We fawned over you! We covered for you, and now you’ve betrayed us!

Frog, meet scorpion.


15 thoughts on “Jon Stewart Makes a Funny”

  1. I have a few points/thoughts about this one, but first and foremost, I have to laugh. Not about the Administration getting two months of phone records from pretty much anyone in the AP, but at the AP’s reaction to it.

    First, once you get past the clear violations of the Bill of Rights (1st AND 4th Amendments), it’s pretty damn funny, considering we in the pro-rights community have consistently said that if the 2nd Amendment goes, the 1st and 4th will soon follow. They called us tin-foil-hat conspiracy theorists. We said Obama would go full-out after the 2nd Amendment if he got a second term. They called us paranoid wing-nuts. I just feel like blowing the AP a nice fat raspberry and yelling, “Told ya so!” (If you couldn’t tell, they’re not getting much sympathy from me.) It’d be counter-productive – if the administration can do it to them, it can do it to anyone; we must all hang together, and all that – but that’s what I feel like doing.

    Second, I think this is more about whistle-blower retaliation and intimidation. The press will not get any informants in the government if they cannot guarantee confidentiality and anonymity, which has just become impossible. This move by the Administration quite effectively hamstrings the portions of the press that are still willing to function as government watchdogs. No informants = no information = no oversight. All from “the most transparent administration in US history.”

  2. “They are like the mistress that marries the guy after he finally leaves his wife and is shocked to find out he’s unfaithful to her too.”

    That is SO perfect!

  3. Maybe I’m reading too much nuance into his performance, but it seems as if he’s not angry about the infractions, just that Obama couldn’t figure out how to get away with it. Notice that Stewart still blows off Benghazi as a made up controversy. Notice that he’s chastising Obama and Holder not for their actions, but for their inept coverup.

    I agree with OldNFO that it’s a sad commentary that people consider him a serious source of news. Yet they laugh at Fox News? They both suck equally, if you ask me.

  4. I actually do like Jon Stewart. While I disagree with him politically and don’t typically watch him, he is the ONLY news source who has been as critical of Obama as he was of Bush, and he doesn’t hesitate to call his side out when they do something stupid like this.

    Gotta respect that in a person.

    That said, my Liberal roommate still unconditionally trusts and obeys his government. He loves the term “slippery slope fallacy,” and I had to burn his ears off last night just to make him acknowledge that “registration leads to confiscation” MIGHT not be a slippery slope fallacy.

    Which he immediately forgot and insists that “No, THIS TIME it’ll be different!”

  5. I too find Comedy Central far to the left, but to give credit where it is due, Mr. Stewart deserves it and I respect him for it.

    You have to ponder, “what were they thinking?”. To bite the hand that feeds them is beyond stupid, and this well applies to the ever special label, a very special kind of stupid. It cannot be claimed that a leak was being investigated when, though the DOJ can issue subpoenas on their own, it was quite overly broad in scope. I’m willing to bet cash money every reporter now is afraid to hit the send button thinking that perhaps they too will be the winners of a special audit along with their conservative colleagues.

    It does feel as though the MSM has finally woken to this guy at least a little as they felt the cold shiver of the 1st amendment being set aside, and perhaps EH felt the ghostly hand of John Mitchell tapping him on the shoulder.

    Molon Labe

  6. I was at a friend’s house the Friday after NRA in Houston and her husband was watching Jon Stewart who was on a protracted wank-fest about what fear-mongering idiots were saying at the NRA convention. They spliced together clips from speeches by the likes of Sarah Palin, Wayne Lapierre and others and I glibly observed “yeah. That’s all we do at NRA conventions. We just sit in a room and listen to people ranting.” There was no point to be made, though, because my friend’s husband is a kool-aid drinker.

    This is so predictable that it would be boring if it weren’t so very tragic for the state of freedom in our nation.

    All this, and in a rare anti-Obama post on my blog, I had a commenter state proudly that she voted for Obama because he “lies less than the rest of them.” Riiiiiiiiiight.

    She and people like herself need to just admit that they approve of the kind of lies people like this administration choose to tell.

    1. It’s an integer overflow error. He lies so much that the value is too high for the variable she’s allocated to record, so it wraps around into negative. She really ought to switch to a 64-bit system.

  7. My soapbox aside, I’m glad that at least something could make the likes of Jon Stewart recognize and publicly admit that all these integrity issues with the administration are interrelated.

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