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My morning commute tends to be exceptional only in the fact that it is so very uneventful. You know, all nine miles of it. It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to navigate the 3 stop signs, 8 lights, and 2 railroad crossings (Same rail, so either I live and work on the wrong side of the tracks, or I’ve got to go through it to get from point A to point B.) Traffic along this particular route at 7 am is not sufficient to work up a good rant or even raise my blood pressure, generally.

So I listen to NPR. You know, my tax dollars already fund it, I may as well see what return I’m getting on my investment.

This morning they cover two stories of national interest, the IRS targeting Conservative groups scandal, and the Mother’s Day shooting spree in New Orleans. In the first, they portrayed Tea Party Groups as the undeserving victim. In the second, they blamed the gang problem, not the guns.

Huh. I guess that water they’ve been carrying started to get a bit too heavy.

7 thoughts on “Noticed Something Interesting This Morning”

  1. Good points. I just wish to argue word choice with you.

    “You know, my tax dollars already fund it, I may as well see what return I’m getting on my investment.”

    An investment is the purchase of an asset or item with the hope that it will generate income or appreciate in the future and be sold at the higher price.

    Giving tax money to NPR is more like giving money to beggars. Generally they use it to buy booze and drugs, but occasionally, like in this case, they surprise you by buying something to eat.

    At least beggars have the common courtesy of not acting like they are morally superior.

  2. I’m kind of enjoying the hissy-fit the media is pitching in light of recent events. I know it won’t last and that we can’t expect them to start… I don’t know.. actually investigating things and reporting facts.

    But since the Golden Administration of Hope and Change turned around and nipped the AP on the phone records thing – I think the subtle turn away from the 100% bandwagon we’re used to is refreshing. And long overdue.

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