We Are Not In Oz

Yes, today’s tornadoes were bad. They were also south of the Evyl Empyre. We are just fine. Those of you in the path of the storm, please do check in. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

8 thoughts on “We Are Not In Oz”

  1. Glad to hear you and yours are safe.
    Thoughts and prayers to everyone that wasn’t so lucky and all those still in the path.


  2. Good to hear! Serenity has relatives (uncle, grandmother, cousins) in the area, they’re hunkered down and a bit unnerved, but okay so far. Keep in mind that while voice circuits may be overloaded on the cell towers, most of the time text messages will still go through as long as your cellphone can get a signal.

  3. Good to hear all is well with you guys. We’re in Bethany and just got some pretty good size hail. My sister, hubby, and kids weren’t so lucky. They lost their house and both vehicles. Fortunately they are all fine. No injuries.
    The damage is absolutely unreal.

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