Evict Lyme FUNdraiser Update

Some more raffle items are in the works and will be highlighted in more detail later once I’ve got pictures and things. There’s at least one holster; a choice of grip panels, wind chime, or wooden toy; steel roses (I’m going to have to buy those raffle tickets myself*. Wow!); Paracord bracelets in your choice of colors; and more. And of course, the plushes that starred in yesterday’s post.

To enter the raffle, head over to Bonnie’s place. In the upper left hand corner, you will see a tip jar. Click it and send money. These funds go directly to Bonnie via Paypal (non-paypal uses can get in touch with me for alternate arrangements). Paypal will email you a receipt. Email that to me (jennifer AT injennifershead DOT com) and I will get you entered. Expect an email confirmation from me within 24 hours. Once all the raffle items are finalized, I’ll get in touch with you for your ticket preferences.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. For items in my possession, I will take requests for additional pictures, information, etc.

*Kidding, but only because I’m taking myself out of the running for prizes. There’s that whole conflict of interest thing.

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