The Armed Traveler

Short version: Add this to your travel supplies. Now, skim and scroll for link and discount code.

The Armed Traveler is a travel guide for anyone wishing to travel with firearms. Most of us don’t have the time, patience, or law degree required to wade through the varied laws across the nation. This book does it for you. But it’s not just dry facts, there’s some humor interspersed here and there.

picture courtesy The Armed Traveler
picture courtesy The Armed Traveler

Instead of telling you what sights to see and where to eat, this travel guide is here to help keep the local jail off of your itinerary. They don’t generally have good food there anyway.

Also, you get to be awesome by buying it.

Um, Jen?

I know, that sounds kind of funny, right? But it’s all true. This is the magic word


Oh, don’t try to say it. Use it when you checkout.

What’s in it for me?

It gets you $2 off the cover price.

And how exactly does that make me awesome?

Well, that tells the author that you came from here and I make a commission*. Also, 50 cents from every sale until the end of July goes to Bonnie to offset her expenses while she’s fighting Lyme Disease. (You’ve seen the re-enactment, right?) My silliness aside, it’s a nasty battle and she’s going to feel worse before she gets better. She’s documenting what and when she can. Your support goes a long way not only in paying the bills but in lifting her spirits.

So, head over to The Armed Traveler and use the magic word at checkout.

Want to be awesome and take your chances at a book? Hit Bonnie’s tip jar cause there’s going to be a copy in the raffle.

Big thanks to The Armed Traveler for the support.

*Wow! Look at you! All the way to the end and reading the footnote. I love you people. Here’s the special footnote secret, there’s another magic word. SQWTN2013 For you, it works exactly the same way. Only that one gives Bonnie both the commission and the 50 cent bonus through the end of July. Nothing changes for you after the end of July, that’s just when the bonus expires.


10 thoughts on “The Armed Traveler”

  1. So need this. We have been recently researching if we would have any issues taking our guns on our vacation. As it’s our first we want to make double sure it’s okay so something like this is very worth it!

  2. Ordered! Thanks, this is going to be very helpful. I’ve taken to including firearms in my travel plans and have the info I need in one place is going to make it easier.

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