More Raffle Goodies!

Rimfire Designs is generously donating either a set of wind chimes with custom wind catcher.



or custom made handgun grips



Or a toy wooden truck (picture pending)

These are beautiful pieces hand crafted by an artist here in the US, and they can be yours if you’re lucky. And have a raffle ticket. These will be at the $10 donation level, and there is no limit to how many tickets you purchase. And each one helps Bonnie beat Lyme.

In case you aren’t aware of what this disease can do, Carrie has a very informative post about it. Short version, it sucks, and if you’ve been following Bonnie, you already know that the treatment sucks too. That’s on top of being expensive.

So far, we’ve got plushes that are famous on the internet, the essential travel guide for gun owners, paracord bracelets (not yet featured), and more. I got a couple of things in the mail over the weekend to add to the pot and more on the way. There’s even an interloper in the house of holsters. More on that tomorrow.

Don’t wait! Go ahead and get donating. Click me!

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