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GrandpaHast Father's Day 2012Father’s Day, one year ago. We didn’t know then that it would be the last Father’s Day we would get to celebrate with him, and yet it was one of many that he considered borrowed time. He was 91 when this picture was taken. Pretty good for a man that wasn’t supposed to live past 30.

We got the call Saturday night after most of our friends had turned in for the night that he’d gone peacefully in his sleep. Guess it was time to spend Father’s Day with his Heavenly Father.

When he was born, the doctors told his mother to go ahead and say her goodbyes. They informed her that he had a fatal heart condition and there was nothing they could do. As he got older, they warned her not to let him run after the school bus or otherwise exert himself because that would be more than his heart could take.

God had bigger plans for William Hast. That faulty heart was a servant’s heart. He gave his life to ministry serving as a missionary and Puerto Rico and pastor as well as running a plumbing business. His rest is well earned.

He was very dear and will be missed by us all. He had a good long life, and lived each day as if it might be his last. We have known for some time that day was getting close. we celebrate his life and rejoice with him claiming his reward.


16 thoughts on “Grandpa Hast”

  1. He sounds like he was an incredible man; our hearts go out to your and your family at this time.

    Please let me know if there is anything we can do or offer other then our thoughts and prayers. You have those in full my friends.

  2. Bless him and bless your family. He sounds like an exceptional person, and there’s a lot to be said for not succumbing just because someone else makes a dire prediction about your future.

  3. We will hold you , Mike and his family close in our heart, knowing that the pain passes in time leaving the love for a lifetime .

  4. There is no helping the grief that will flow but it is indeed good that you can celebrate his going home to the Father. Remember his stories and pass them on, we all will be the better for it.

    big hug.

  5. What a wonderful Man. Celebrate his life and remember him always. I too, miss my Grandpa’s. May he rest in peace. May the Lord comfort You and your family.

  6. I’m late here Jennifer but please know that both Lu and I will be keeping your family in our prayers. Give the big guy a hug from all of us.

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