Evict Lyme Big Raffle Post!

At long last, here it is! First off, all of you with blogs or well-followed Facebook pages or anything else that could bring traffic to the cause, please direct your readers here. This is me thanking you in advance.

Alright team, here’s the skinny. Not one, but two surgeons are needed to fix the unhappy uterus issue.

Bad uterus. Lyme is a terrible influence on your behavior.
Bad uterus. Lyme is a terrible influence on your behavior.


Surgeons are spendy. And really, who wants a cheap surgeon? Yikes!

Consider this the official launch of the Evict Lyme FUNdraiser! If you donated last month, your donations count for raffle tickets. You just need to let me know how many tickets you are buying from each of the two ticket levels. Trying to keep it as simple as possible, there are two classes of tickets, $5 and $10. Winner gets first pick, second gets second, etc. Please let me know your top three to five choices when you email me your receipt.

Details below the break. This post will remain sticky and be updated for the duration of the FUNdraiser.

In the $5 bucket we have:


The individual plushes now famous for the great Lyme re-enactment! Each plush is in the raffle individually so let me know if your preference is for the Uterus so generously provided by IHeartGuts or Lyme Disease provided by GiantMicrobes (linking the Facebook page since the actual page seems to be down at the moment).

Your very own copy of The Armed Traveller

picture courtesy The Armed Traveler
picture courtesy The Armed Traveler

Now, this makes an awesome gift, so don’t let entering the raffle stop you from buying the book. Go here for your discount codes. Anyone that intends to cross state lines with a firearm needs to have this handy. You might want one for each vehicle and/or go bag.

And your choice of one of two of the true wearable pieces of art.


I failed to mention in my initial post, but these are genuine sterling silver. A steal, truly. Thank Phlegmmy for her seriously amazing generosity. These are truly incredible and will be featured again. Both are up for grabs, but it would take two winning tickets to get them both.

No proper gunnie raffle would be complete without Paracord bracelets! And this one is no different. These will be made to size using round paracord in a cobra stitch. At this time, I do not know how many are up for grabs. There will be 20 of these! These have not been featured previously.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you don’t have a paracord bracelet or three, you need one or three. (Why be even when you can be odd?)

Newly Added! Rifle Sling! Echo Sling is offering a rifle sling in your choice of colors

These are just a few examples. Please check out the website for more

Next up, we have a paracord bracelet with matching key chain courtesy CobraBraid

photo via Cobra Braid

These include the green Lyme disease awareness ribbon so you can be a tactical awareness activist operator. Sporting one of these shows you’re smart, prepared,and aware. Chicks dig that.

And also a 50 caliber bullet pen and bottle opener courtesy RealBullet

photo via Real Bullet

What better way to trump that hoity toity banker’s fancy Mont Blanc than a pen made from once fired military surplus 50 BMG? Has your pen fought terrorists? I didn’t think so. And then you can crack open a cold one and put your feet up on his mahogany desk.

Which brings us to the $10 ticket level.

I emailed Tactical Santa at Brownell’s about the raffle and he sent me one of these. Oh yes he did.

Image courtesy Brownell’s

Yes, that is a stock photo, but it is here in my living room.

And of course, there is the interloper

Dennis has very generously provided this specimen to the cause.

And then we have a custom wind chime




or wooden truck


by Rimfire Designs. Two winners here. Choice of prize.

Stunning steel work from Da Tinman. Choice of rose


or Dragonfly


Each is being given away, so get your tickets in. They are more stunning than the pictures do justice.

And EvylRobot hijacked the blog to add this last minute addition. See the link for details.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Holy Smokes People! I put out the call for donations to raffle off and the call was answered in a big way. Now, go and donate. There may still be prize additions, but consider this the official launch. This raffle will run until midnight central time July 31, 2013.

Here’s what you’ve got to do. Donate over at Bonnie’s place. Not me, you send me money and I will spend it gleefully and you will not get a raffle ticket. Email the paypal receipt to jennifer AT injennifershead DOT com. I will respond to your email. If you do not hear from me within 48 hours, drop me a line either in my comment section or via facebook or any other means you know to get in touch with me. I am checking my spam folder daily just in case. I need you to tell me how many tickets you are buying in which bucket and what your  preferences are. (If you’ve already donated and sent your receipt, you should be getting an email from me soon asking these questions.) Donations can be split however you like. A $100 donation can get you either 10 $10 tickets or 5 $10 and 10 $5 tickets. Just let me know when you send in your receipt. (Non PayPal users please contact me for other arrangements.)

ETA: For the sake of my sanity, I have added a form. Please fill it out. It helps me out a lot.

Questions? Ask below. I’ll do my best. Now, get donating!





20 thoughts on “Evict Lyme Big Raffle Post!”

  1. Those are my lovely wrists in the paracord photos – my boyfriend is making these bracelets, and he will ship them directly to you. You can choose your color arrangement (they’re lime green and black for Lyme awareness, but you can choose whether you want the inside to be green or the outside to be green), and please let us know your wrist size in inches, and Jennifer will forward your address to us so that we can send you the finished product ASAP.

    Thank you, again, for all of the wonderful donations, both of items and of funds, during this raffle. When I’m able, I will pay it forward as much as I can, for as many people as possible. I have a lot of it to do, and I’m looking forward to it. <3

    1. Can he make some paracord rifle and shotgun slings?I could use 4 or 5 of them. If the price fits the budget I can pay for one or two now.

  2. I forgot to email you my Confirmation number when I donated back in June. My outlook reminder popped up that the raffle was today, so I hurried up and got on that. What was the goal and how much was raised? Social Media can be such a great avenue for fundraising during hard times. There was a post on twitchy yesterday about a fundraiser for a conservative blogger and they raised a ton of money in the first 24 hours. http://twitchy.com/2013/07/30/crowd-sourcing-love-twitter-rallies-to-raise-funds-for-daughters-of-conservative-blogger-caleb-howe/

    Best of luck to Bonnie on her procedures,

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