Bracing for Riots or Celebrations in Zimmerman

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Regardless of what the jury decides, George Zimmerman’s life has been forever changed. Even if he is found not guilty, he will never again be a free man. The media branded him a racist and spun the story. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson prepared the pyre and stake before the body was even cold. They are out for blood, not justice.

And they will get it too. It doesn’t matter that the blood will be from innocent bystanders injured or killed in the inevitable riots or celebrations (Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference). All that matters is propping up the rotting equine known as racism so they can claim continued relevance.

Zimmerman didn’t throw back the curtain on any inherent racism in the community. Race-baiters manufactured it with the gleeful assistance of the media. Sensationalism at the expense of justice.

Trayvon Martin didn’t have to die that night. It was his decisions, not his skin color, that sealed his fate.

4 thoughts on “Bracing for Riots or Celebrations in Zimmerman”

  1. Perhaps if it were your own 14-year-old son who was shot while he was being followed, you would think differently. Maybe your son would be to blame if a complete stranger followed him from school and then shot him after getting into an altercation with him. It would entirely be YOUR son’s fault if he got shot, since you seem to know all to well the events leading up to Trayvon Martin’s death. After all, you must have been there at the time of his death to know with such adamant certainty that it was his fault. I agree with you that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are hate mongerers. And I also agree that the media misconstrued the details of this tragedy so as to paint zimmerman as a heartless racist. Also, I admit that after listening to the facts of this case, I feel that Zimmerman probably did act in self defense. That being said, I think its unfair and stupid to paint Trayvon entirely as the aggressor. That’s just as bad as painting Zimmerman as a guilty racist. Stop playing the race card and check your facts next time.

    1. Aren’t you quick to judge? Actually, I have been following the entire case. From the evidence presented, it sounds like Martin laid in wait and jumped him. No, I wasn’t there, but I have been paying attention to those that were. I also believe that Zimmerman made some questionable decisions that night. None of which should have gotten his head bashed against the pavement.
      My son isn’t in the habit of getting into fights, unlike the late Martin.
      And race card? Please.

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