Enough. You Are Not Trayvon Martin

You are not defined by the color of your skin nor by the actions of anyone that may or may not look like you. You are an individual capable of your own decisions, as was this young man on that fateful night.

His history of violence, drug use, and illegal activity is not yours. His decisions belong to him and him alone. I reject the idea that anyone else is interchangeable with Trayvon Martin. I refuse to believe the character of this young man reflects the character of all the young men in the black community. That would be racist.

I will not paint anyone with a brush dipped in his character. I do not wish to live in a world colored in that way. I cannot change what is in anyone else’s heart, but I can determine my own. I reject the idea that the actions of one person define a community.

If it is true that the verdict rendered declared open season on young black men, then I encourage all law abiding young black men to arm themselves. Learn the laws of legal self defense and protect yourself. Don’t become the aggressor and perpetuate the violence. Instead, be the protector of yourself and your loved ones. Your life has value. Anyone who wishes to take it from you has forfeited their own.

I do not wish violence on anyone, but I do believe everyone should have means to answer it if it is visited upon them.

10 thoughts on “Enough. You Are Not Trayvon Martin”

  1. Once again, well said. I have trouble commenting on a lot of your posts, because I never have much to add other than praise. I’d just end up sounding like a broken record.

  2. Thank you! Unless you are a young black man who drinks “lean” gets suspended from school for fighting, sells drugs, and thinks little of attacking someone for merely following you, you are NOT Trayvon Martin nor should you aspire to be.

    Instead of using him as a martyr to rally around people should be using him as a cautionary tale in the asterisk next to the unartful but accurate phrase “Don’t start shit, won’t be shit.”

    And while I won’t paint an entire community with the broad brush assuming they’re all violent, we should not tiptoe around the fact that predatory violence is a huge problem among young black men. A tiny subset of young black men commit ~ half of all murders in the U.S. That’s a huge problem, but if anyone so much as tries to talk about it “racism” gets screamed as a bludgeon to silence and discredit them.

  3. I’m tired of the whole damn mess… Two people screwed up, one died. The other was acquitted of murder, due to self defense… If folks want to go down that rabbit hole, they just may NOT like the answer waiting for them…

  4. Wow…there you go again making assumptions about a trial you clearly know absolutely NOTHING about. You seem to think that you’re so wise and well-informed, since you know everything in all detail about Trayvon Martin’s life and past. Trayvon Martin was an innocent young man, minding his own business when he was accosted by an obscure man who never bothered to identify himself. Trayvon Martin did not get out of his car to follow anyone that night. Trayvon Martin did not shoot anyone that night. *So let’s switch the situation around and then see what you have to say: Suppose you’re helpless little white fourteen-year-old son was walking home from school after buying candy,but was then accosted by Trayvon Martin – a local neighborhood watch. You’re son physically retaliated against Trayvon after Trayvon confronted him and tried to lay a hand on him. Trayvon shoots you’re son dead. During the investigation of the incident, law enforcement officials find out that your son is not a perfect human being (as no one else is) and uses this information to disparage his character).
    There is no question in my mind that you would be using every racial slur known to man against Trayvon as you cried your eyes out and broke down over the murder of your helpless son. I’ve read a few of your posts on this website in the past, and some of them were quite interesting. But your analysis of the Trayvon Martin case is biased, incorrect, and offensive. How can you spew your opinions about this case with such brash certainty when YOU WEREN’T EVEN THERE WHEN TRAYVON MARTIN WAS KILLED? You know nothing about this case! And you have no idea what it is like to feel as if justice was not served on your behalf. You will never know in all the days of your LIFE what it is like to lose a child to the hands of a stranger. Don’t you EVER try to make it as if Trayvon Martin was the worst man in the world, just so that you can satisfy your own racially biased prejudices. I can see right through your offensive posts about Trayvon for what they really are: Cruel, nasty, racially biased opinions about a racially charged case. Next time, you might want to think twice about running your loud mouth about a case that you know nothing about and also has nothing to do with you. You never know, someone might just track you down and shoot your 14-year-old son in the heart while he is minding his own business coming back from school. And when the person who shot your son is found to be not guilty, you might just proclaim that open season just waged on young white boys. Coward.

    1. mikeman, please go back and re-read Jennifer’s post. There is NOTHING racist in it. Her opinion is HER opinion, and she is welcome to it. And if you really knew Jennifer you would see that there is NOTHING racist in HER. She herself is multi-cultural, as is her entire family. I will quote you, “making assumptions about. . . you clearly know absolutely NOTHING about.” Grace to you, and may your heart rest.

    2. Wow, did you even follow the trial?

      “accosted by Trayvon Martin – a local neighborhood watch. You’re son physically retaliated against Trayvon after Trayvon confronted him and tried to lay a hand on him.”

      There was no evidence at trial that GZ either accosted, approached, confronted or physically touched TM in any way, shape or form. Your analysis is flawed, ergo, so is your opinion.

      The only person making this about race is you – well, and the usual race-baiting suspects like Sharpton, Jackson and Crump.


  5. If you believe violence is the only thing the young, black Trayvon was capable of, then I am not the one being racist here. Excuse me for having enough faith in human beings to think that he had options and choices. He could have talked or walked away rather than lash out. He didn’t. That choice was his.

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