Evict Lyme: Last Chance. The Time to Act is Now. Here is Where I Negate Your Excuses

Alright guys. Here we are. Counting down. The time is now.

My beloved robot got on your cases a bit which drummed up some activity. Do I need to call you all b*****s? ‘Cause I will.

But I don’t think I have to. Here’s the one big excuse I’ve heard via email (paraphrased).

But Jen! I really want to donate but I don’t get paid until Friday/The First/Monday!

Pledge a donation of at least $20 before midnight tonight. Fill out the form on this post and put ‘pledge’ and the date you get paid in the confirmation number field. If you have not pledged, you will not be eligible. I will think you are awesome and will thank you for your generosity, but you will not get a prize.

You MUST send me a receipt by the date indicated on your form or you will be disqualified. No excuses. No sob stories. You really do NOT want to try and one up sob stories with me. If you don’t get paid until the 15th, you shoulda donated by July 15th. Pledges are good through Monday only, no exceptions. And you MUST pledge by midnight.

As much as I would like to just keep it going, I can’t. Deadline is a hard one. But you get the benefit of the fact that I was crazy enough to end this at the end of a month without regard to the fact that I’m really freaking busy at month end with the job that pays the bills. So I will not be able to draw names until the weekend. You will not win a prize or even know that your name has been drawn until I have confirmation that you’ve made your donation.

This is more for my benefit than yours. You need yelling?


Oh yeah! I don’t need those little stars. This is my electron empire, dammit!


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