What Was In That Drink

More strange adventures of sleeping Jen

We were in Japan this time and Ambulance Driver had discovered the single cajun restaurant in the country and insisted we check it out. OldNFO rolled his eyes saying, “You don’t eat cajun food in Japan.” AD was not to be dissuaded, so off we went.

Taking the advice of OldNFO, we stuck to the drink menu. I’m not really sure what it was that Nancy ordered, but what she got was a giant platter of fried eggs. I think there were at least a dozen over-easy eggs. AD’s bucket of crawfish turned out to be one large crustacean with three tails and still moving. Other dishes were similarly adventurous. We helped Nancy eat the eggs.

On the way back to the hotel, we somehow got separated from the group. Which didn’t seem like a big deal because we figured we could find the place since it looked like an old railway station. We were traveling on foot. Every so often we’d approach an entrance to some raised tunnels. Cute little Japanese girls would stand up on their tippy toes and pull down a telescoping ramp and invite us to ride the ‘slider man.’ Having no idea what a ‘slider man’ was, where it would go, and what it would cost, we declined.

Somewhere along the way, my phone got stolen. LawDog appeared out of nowhere to chase down the thief. He caught him, but the thief dropped my phone in the process where it was run over by a ladder truck.

OldNFO laughed about our adventures when we finally made our way back to the hotel and explained that the ‘slider man’ was an elevated moving sidewalk that would have delivered us right to the front door of our hotel and was provided free of charge to all tourists. That was probably how we’d gotten separated because they had all gotten on.

And then all was right with the world.

The end.

10 thoughts on “What Was In That Drink”

  1. Damn, Jenn, Wow girl…………Were you drinking Everclear? Not the rock band Everclear. Everclear is a strong drink. You may have heard of it. It really messes a person up. I was paralized for days after that stuff. Never will drink that again. Like moonshine.

  2. I HAVE been lost in a city in Japan (and in desperate need of a toilet at the time). As far as I remember, it was almost EXACTLY like that.


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