Evict Lyme Prize Announcement!! $5 Tier

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Prizes!

I am presenting these listed by winner rather than draw order or prize due to the fact that several people bought multiple chances and therefore won more than one prize.

First up-Janelle! Janelle has won a box set of the Firefly series on DVD (generously donated by Brigid), The Bracelet w/keychain from CobraBraid, her very own copy of The Armed Traveler (You can get your own by following that link. $2 off if you use IJHOK2013 at checkout), and a black and green paracord bracelet made by Squeaky’s main squeeze.

Calli, Scribbler, and John Richardson have each won a black and green paracord bracelet

Davidwhitewolf aka The Guy Who Broke Bonnie’s Nose has won the 50 BMG pen courtesy of RealBullet and a paracord bracelet

Don Gwinn has won both zipperpulls by the lovely and talented Phlegmmy.

Awelowynt, I’m sorry, but you’re getting Lyme Disease. Oh wait! This isn’t the bad kind, this is the cute cuddly kind from Giant Microbes!(Also headed to the care package.) Also, a paracord bracelet.

Lupis42 has won the 50 BMG bottle opener also from RealBullet and a rifle sling from Echo Sling

Everyone’s bratty little sister, Erin Pallette, has a Uterus! A plush one from IHeartGuts (which might just find its way into a certain care package for someone that currently has an angry uterus and could use a snuggly squishy one instead) and two paracord bracelets!

And finally, Wulf Gar has won two paracord bracelets.

Thank you everyone and congratulations! Thanks again to everyone that donated, may the blessings you spread be returned to you ten-fold. Please go check out all the vendors who so generously donated items. They support us; we should support them.

Also, slip over and give your love and support to Bonnie who has had yet another wrench thrown into the process. You know, because if it’s not one thing.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners in the $10 tier.





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