Happy Sliced From Your Mother Day!

Congratulations on 35 trips around the sun to my favorite robot and holster maker extraordinaire. The man cleaved from his mother to cleave* to his wife.

You are the Yin to my Yang, the Gomez to my Morticia

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I look forward to sharing many more trips around the sun with you. Love you bunches and tons.

Interesting that the same word can mean to split or divide by a cutting blow and also to adhere firmly and closely or loyally and unwaveringly.

12 thoughts on “Happy Sliced From Your Mother Day!”

  1. Dude entered the world in a ninja rage. Epic.

    Also of note….I don’t think there’s ever been more significance applied to the word “to” before than in the phrase “cleave to your wife”.

  2. Wow, that is enchanted. 35 years? Is that right. I know people that cannot make it 35 days. That took some hard work.

      1. Oh Opps…. Not 35. 15 years is still a lot of work. If you can get past 12 years, that what I was told , you are Home Free. Bless you for smooth sailing.

  3. I Know, she has some Big ones, Cleavage is great, ….I do like to look , Opps…hope the girls don’t catch me. 🙂

  4. Next time I have a birthday I want a simple set of rules:
    “You’re allowed to hand me a drink, a gun, ammo, something sharp, or something to eat.
    First one who says “Happy Birthday” or some silly-ass ‘one year older’ comment shall be used for target practice.”

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