Oh The Stories They Must Have

Recently, I had the opportunity to share a meal at a Cracker Barrel with dear friends. We were doing what friends do, laughing and telling our stories. A special thing that, getting together and trading our stories all the while continuing to live them.

At an adjacent table, sat a pair of older ladies. Twins, perhaps. Accompanied by an older gentleman with an impressive mustache and belt buckle. The ladies were the absolute picture of the Texas woman. Long manes of silver hair teased large, long brightly colored fingernails at the ends of thin fingers bearing flashy rings. Sparkly bangles in vibrant colors stacked on their wrists. Their faces bearing the lines of the stories they’ve lived.

I couldn’t help but wonder about the adventures they’d shared. Although old enough to have answered Rosie the Riveter’s call to the workforce, I like to imagine something more scandalous for these two. Surely they were just as vibrant and dramatic in their younger days. A pair like that could’ve cleaned up with their own burlesque show. Or perhaps they traveled the world, alternating between stage shows and espionage.

Alas, it is unlikely that I will ever know, for they reapplied their lipstick (perfectly matched to their fingernails, naturally), and left before I could catch even the slightest snippet of conversation. Only the scent of their perfume remaining.

Which is for the best. Fascinating as their stories may be; I’m still writing mine and my friends play starring roles.

6 thoughts on “Oh The Stories They Must Have”

  1. That would actually make for an awesome book/movie….couple of friends sitting around a coffee shop or restaurant (or in a park), making up stories about the people they see, imagining them to be secret agents or assassins or something, going on their way after lunch…only to find out, via short vignette clips in the last 2 minutes of the movie, that the friends were right all along….

  2. The pair of older ladies were probably what I would call “Bombshells” in their younger years. Breakfast at Tiffanys Audrey Hepburn type.. Kinda like Jennifer.. She is a sweet pretty girl.

  3. If the person or persons are wearing something that shows they are a veteran, I always thank them for their service. I have always been rewarded with a very interesting and fascinating conversation – and they appreciate me noticing.

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