Emily Miller Schools Piers Morgan

Our favorite firebrand, Emily Miller, took on Piers Morgan and took him to school.

As usual, Piers throws debate out the window and chooses volume instead over the issue of the legally blind being able to get a permit to carry a gun. My favorite quote

Can I talk? Once we start having cases of blind people going around shooting people, we can come back and have that debate-Emily Miller

What?! Logic and evidence? Piers Morgan cannot wrap his tiny little mind around such things. (Minor quibble, I NEVER recommend anyone rely on the fear brought on by the almighty pump action sound.)

One, ‘legally’ blind is not the same thing as blind. Many people that are legally blind can see to a certain degree. Their disability does not mean that their rights should be limited. Also, I have never met a legally blind person that was not fully aware of their visual limitations. I trust the responsible, legally blind people to adhere to Col. Cooper’s 4th rule, “Know your target and what is beyond it.” I do not expect them to fire blindly into a crowd of innocent people any more than I expect a shooter with perfect vision to do so. I trust the individual to make the decision for themselves whether or not they are capable of carrying a firearm in public just like I trust every other adult citizen of this nation.

And two, evidence. Legally blind people have been able to carry guns in public for some time, and yet, I cannot find a single story where an innocent bystander has been shot by a responsible, gun-owning, blind person. I fail to understand the threat. Sure, on the surface it sounds ludicrous to give a gun to a blind man, but we don’t legislate on emotion. We can’t limit someone’s rights because it feels like the right thing to do.

The blind have a very specific need for self defense. A criminal isn’t going to show them compassion and make accommodations for their disability. They don’t care about the ADA. They see this person as an easy target. If a violent thug is smashing a blind person’s head into the pavement, I’m willing to bet their marksmanship would be just as good as a sighted person’s in the dark.

But Piers Morgan would have them remain defenseless. Thank goodness we have people like Emily Miller to stand up to his bigotry.

5 thoughts on “Emily Miller Schools Piers Morgan”

  1. I had a co-worker who was legally blind-she had lost one eye in a childhood accident and her re-maining vision need corrective lenses. She has a drivers license, she also was able to obtain her CHL. Many people are considered legally blind due to their uncorrected vision; my mother was one of those people also.

    I wish Emily had more time to further school Piers!

  2. I knew a blind guy back in Knoxville who had a toter’s permit. I mean dog-and-cane blind.

    He passed the TN shooting test to get the permit. Hand to God.

    When he’d come in to practice, his mom or a friend would get him to his lane on the range and run the target out to seven yards. He’d touch the stall walls to square himself up and proceed to shoot reasonably well at 3-7 yards.

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