12 Years and One Year

Each year I wonder if it will be the year that the memory starts to fade. The year my throat doesn’t tighten and I don’t blink back bitter tears. It is not this year.

It doesn’t help that just last year on this very date, our people were left to die for no good reason. Left abandoned and ignored. And still one year later, there has been no justice.

It certainly doesn’t help that just yesterday, our president was calling for us to fight on the side of the very people that attacked us so viciously 12 years ago and again one year ago.

Mr. President, I am ashamed. I am ashamed that you abandoned our ambassador and those serving to protect him. I am ashamed that you allowed a film maker to take the fall. I am ashamed that you have used your rhetoric to support those that wish to destroy us. I am ashamed that you have taken a back seat to Russia. You sir, are a disgrace.

As deep and painful as the hurt can be, it cannot tarnish my pride and gratitude for those that ran towards the fire, into the fight. I am humbled by those that lined up to enlist in the days following the attack. That memory will never fade even as, hopefully someday, the hurt does.

As a nation, we lick our wounds and come back stronger. We are a nation of exceptional individuals. Let’s roll.

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