An Open Letter to Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO

First of all, thank you. Thank you for clarifying your position in the gun rights debate. I appreciate transparency in my day-to-day dealings. I am not surprised. I, for one, never believed that you or Starbucks were some kind of champions of liberty. You are just out to make a profit, and that is perfectly fine. I respect your desire to stay out of the debate.

Since you have done me the honor of making your position clear, I will do the same. You see, I patronized your business for one purpose and one purpose only, to offset any potential losses you may have faced due to an anti-gun sponsored boycott of your stores. I don’t even like your coffee, honestly. I never made a scene. I didn’t even open carry although I have every legal right to do so. I didn’t even thank that barista for the inclusive policy. I did, however, take a picture of my over-priced drink and give you free advertisement.

I truly am sorry that your locations became a central point in a fight you wanted nothing to do with. I agree that Starbucks is no place for such boisterous activism.

I will respect your request not to bring firearms into your stores. Since my firearm is attached to my hip, that means that I will not enter either even though you will not do anything to stop me. You have made a polite request which I will politely honor, nothing more. Presumably, this will have no effect on your bottom line since my effort was only to offset the efforts of those you have chosen to appease. I also encourage my fellow gun owners to politely honor your request as well in whatever way they see fit.

Again, my wallet and taste buds thank you.


6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO”

  1. Yeah, that about sums it up for me. I only supported the first appreciate day in order to stand up against bullying by the anti gun crowd. The rest of the time after that I simply went to Starbucks when I wanted an orange refresher or when my daughter begged me too. I do like their coffee.

    I will admit when I first made my post on the issue I was totally unaware of what some gun owners were doing to incite others, but still I think the CEO could have handled it better.

  2. To begin with, their establishments are too far away for me to regularly patronize or not. They never have served me well because of their lack or limited sugar free menu. What I have tried in the past I didn’t care for at all.

    I certainly regret they were thrust in the middle of a debate that had nothing to do with them, and I can appreciate their position. However, even though I do not conceal or open carry, I will definitely not give them any business.

    Frankly I like my coffee black and fresh, and just about any other place is good for me. I may stop by one once in a while just to register my point of view – inform the manager that I’ll not be purchasing there and why.

  3. I go to Starbucks from time to time, not a regular. Do not like thier coffee but they are great for off-side discussions and checking e-mail. I have been going more often to show support for an apparently pro-gun (or at lease pro-choice with guns) attitude. But, now they seem to have at least partially caved to the extreme anti-gun and anti-2A groups, I will again go less often. They have every right to take the position that they have taken. I do not agree with their position.

  4. Not all that fond of Starbucks, and I admit that I don’t care for the fancier coffee drinks. All I want is a good cup of strong, black coffee most times. We don’t have a Starbucks in my small town, but we go to the next town over, which has a Barnes and Noble’s with a Starbucks. Frequently we need a caffeine boost while browsing books, so I yield to my older daughter’s pleas.

    No more. It is their right of course to object to legal carry, and mine to choose where to spend. We’ll go outside the store and down the mall and get pie and coffee’ probably for less than the frou-frou coffee and cookies. they in turn can feel good about themselves, for not taking my money.

    Subotai Bahadur

  5. Agree with you 100%. A polite request will be politely honored. As my wallet and my gun always travel together, if one is “discouraged”, the other will be as well.

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