Preliminary Review Goes Here

So the good folks at Aero-Precision contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a stripped lower. I know, twist my arm.

To sweeten the deal, they even offered a Cerakote one that matches the Tactical Toaster. Because a girl’s got to accessorize 😉

So I got an email from my awesome FFL, Edmond Arms and Ammo telling me that it had arrived on Tuesday. He was busy that evening so we set an appointment for me to pick it up last night. I filled out the paperwork and fondled the lower while he ran the check.

It is, indeed, lovely. I really wish I could show you. It even has that not-yet-a-new-rifle smell. (What? Doesn’t everyone sniff their firearms?) It doesn’t even need awesomesauce. I can’t wait to see what this larval-rifle becomes.

But instead, I became a statistic. Again. For that background check that keeps our streets safe from chunks of not-yet-a-functional-firearm-just-aluminum-shell returned the dreaded delay. I suppose I shall have to console myself with one of the actually fully functional rifles already at my house. Or maybe the fully loaded and also functional handgun resting comfortably on my hip.

Oh but that lower is extra scary! It’s going to be an AR15 when it grows up! Eek! Double-plus-uber-evil!

Yep. And it’s going to hang out with the other 3 already complete AR15’s in the household. They must be defective, however, since not a single one has gone on a rampage. I bet this new one will be super duper rampagey.

Way to go Bradys! Keeping our streets safe from…  Yeah, I’ll have to get back to you on whatever it is that is supposed to finish that sentence. Good jyorb!

Psst! The delay is only temporary. And in case you weren’t already aware, does not put a magical force-field around the firearms already in my possession. This one? She will be mine. 

FTC: Since I don’t actually have any new shiny in my possession as of yet, y’all can just move along. There’s nothing to see here.

12 thoughts on “Preliminary Review Goes Here”

  1. Gee, maybe someone will send me an ASA Side Charger Upper and Carrier, for field testing. I’ve got a birthday coming up….

    I’m not nearly as cute as you are though. 😉

    Keep us up on how your build progresses.

  2. Bought a couple of their ‘blem’ lowers earlier this summer and you really have to look hard to find the blemishes..I mean at $50 bucks apiece what the hell, right? Went to the FFL to pick ’em up, and was pleasantly surprised to find consecutive serial numbers.

  3. Not to be pedantic or anything (who? me?!?), I believe it’s the F_T_C you need to be telling to shove off.

    Looking forward to pics

  4. I built both my 16″ ARs last year on Aero Precision lowers. They went together perfectly with no over or undersized or misplaced holes. I’m very happy with the dimensions and finish quality for the price. And they don’t have a deer, snake, or two dongs squishing a bug engraved on the side.

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