Somebody plugged way too many things into the power strip with the free ice cream machine. There was a small fire and then all the ice cream melted and got all over the floor. And since it blew the breaker, the melted ice cream curdled and…

Anyway, real mess. We’ll try for content later. I do have a purty new lower to show you all.

6 thoughts on “Over-Loaded”

  1. Jen,
    Please…It’s only a 15amp circuit. Just because you have plugs in all of those holes, doesn’t mean you can use them all at the same time. Also, do not use a long extension cord if it is coiled up….I know this sounds dirty, but “Hysteresis” will cause it to over heat. Stay Safe.

  2. Talked to Peter @ Edmond Arms the other day, he said you were on the way over there.

    When you get caught up, we’ll be here.

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