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Ok, I’m actually stealing borrowing Daddy Bear’s quote of the day

It isn’t the weapon that’s the dangerous part of any equation.  It’s the person holding it.

I am not dangerous because I carry a gun.  Not to the standard, every-day, law-abiding schmuck.

I am dangerous to those who think that I am prey.  Because I am not, and have never been.

–Heroditus Huxley, “It’s Not The Weapon

Which goes right along with Tam’s conversation with a polite anti.

You see, I, and many others like me, pose no danger to anyone. Gun or no gun. In fact, I have never had cause to use my firearm against anyone. (Arguably, the wind did a little brandishing for me once.)

I will not hesitate to answer violence with violence, but I will never be the one to introduce it. Back in my daycare years, I did black an eye, possibly break a nose, and introduce a boy’s groin to my knee, but that was after he broke the little finger on my left hand. You introduce the violence; I am not inclined to fight fair. Thankfully, teachers were still allowed to apply common sense back then, and all I got out of the incident was sympathy, an ice pack, and a call to my parents so I could get medical attention. He got in trouble. My finger is still crooked, but he never messed with me again.

I carry a firearm because it is the most effective means of stopping violence, not to inflict it. I am not naive enough to believe that I could still answer an attack the way I could on the playground so many years ago. The bad guys and bullies are much bigger now. And there aren’t any teachers ready to intervene.


7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Hear hear!

    I can’t remember the exact quote from a few years back, something like
    ‘The mind is the weapon; everything else is just a tool.’

  2. My one disagreement with you is that, if in my judgement, things are going south no matter what, and starting the fight will give me a tactical advantage in a life or death situation, I have no problem with initiating the fight.

    I live by the Golden Rule Mod 1:” Do unto others as they would do unto you, but do it to them first”.

    So, want to give me a hug and be nice to me, I’ll happily preempt and be nice to you first.

    Want to do harm to me or mine, you might want to rethink that, quickly, before I decide I have no other option.

    1. I should point out that I will not wait for an attack. Legitimate threat of violence (pulling a knife/gun etc) is introducing it. I do not need to wait to be harmed to answer it.

      1. As the very smart John Hearne noted over at p-f.com, “Other factors to consider include whether you are initiating the violence. If you are executing your plan of attack, you are clearly functioning in the rational aspects of your mind. The reason so many cops die is that they initiate the CONTACT but the bad guy starts the FIGHT. Armed citizens do well because the bad guy initiates the contact but the citizen starts the fight.

  3. “The bad guys and bullies are much bigger now. And there aren’t any teachers ready to intervene.”

    In many cases, the teachers ARE the bullies (insomuch as they are the ‘muscle’ executing the administration’s directives).

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