So There’s This Shutdown Thing

Amazingly, my car started just fine and the interstate highway was still in existence this morning. I was kind of hoping to get the day off. Although, I didn’t wash my colander so my face mask smells faintly of kimchi preparations. Having a good hair day too. I had no idea unruly hair was a function of the government. Thank goodness it’s non-essential.

The ceiling raccoon in the office must either not be a government employee or eating the insulation of private industry is considered an essential function. I’m betting on the latter.

It’s been calm in these parts. I figure it will be a few days before the zombie hoards make it this far inland. I should probably confer with Robb regarding vehicular armaments.  I was considering a flame-thrower or a badger catapult, but the Ma Deuce is always a good choice.

For those that are curious, I did get a sneak peak at last night’s Congressional negotiations. They went a little something like this.

cat wrestling


Or, at least that’s what I walked in on in my living room. Seems accurate. If cat blogging is good enough for Tam, it’s good enough for me!


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