How Dare You Be Attractive!

Feminists claim to be all about the empowerment of women. They claim we can have it all. We are all powerful and strong and smart and just as good as, nay, better than men.

But Heaven forbid we be pretty! It’s a travesty! A horrible injustice that someone could become CEO of a household name like Yahoo! and still a slave to the patriarchy!

Just ask Marissa Mayer who dared look beautiful and feminine in Vogue.

MarissaMayerHow dare she be a smart successful woman AND attractive! Don’t you know that to be a proper feminist one must eschew all things that are stereo-typically feminine!

When the shoot was released in August, Time magazine said it made Mayer look like she was ‘posed like a mermaid stranded on a stick of gum.’

The publication also questioned ‘is it feminist for a powerful woman to pose for a fashion magazine?’ And, ‘Is it feminist for a CEO to care about how she looks?
A commentor to CNN‘s Facebook page wrote of the shoot: ‘We fight so hard to be where we are and prove that it wasn’t our cute bodies, perky boobs or cute face that got us there. 

‘Shame on you Marissa Mayer for playing into stereotypes,’ the commenter, Anna Nicole Moose, continued.

But I thought you said I could have it all? I suppose that’s only for certain definitions of ‘all.’ I forgot to read the fine print. Victimhood status does not apply to wives, mothers, or pretty girls.

Wow. Just wow. Marissa Mayer went out there and proved that she is so much more than just a pretty face. She is playing what has traditionally been a man’s game, and she CEOs like a girl. (Yeah, I just made CEO a verb.) This should be a triumph! But alas, no.

Do they criticize her for not taking advantage of the hard-fought maternity leave? Nope. How about throwing a wrench in the flexible work/life balance of work from home Yahoo! employees? Nope.

She’s too pretty. Shame on Marissa Mayer! You aren’t a true feminist unless you completely eschew the feminine and ugly yourself up. Looking pleasing to men is the ultimate betrayal of the sisterhood, apparently.

Women and men are sexual creatures. There is no benefit to denying this. It does nothing to empower anyone.

This, courtesy of the Divine Mistress of Elsewhere, TX, is what a strong, empowered woman looks like.

Yowza! She’s gorgeous, she’s sexy, and she owns that room. She is holding all the cards, and all the power. She has every eye. She’s playful and kind. She positively exudes confident femininity.

Ladies, don’t listen to the feminists. Their movement is outdated and no longer represents the best interests of anyone, certainly not women. They don’t want to make you stronger. They want you to be a victim to support their house of cards. You can be whatever you want to be if you put your mind to it and work hard. And you can do it in designer stilettos if you want to. Or not. It’s up to you.


12 thoughts on “How Dare You Be Attractive!”

  1. She’s gorgeous, she’s sexy. She is holding all the cards, and all the power. She has every eye. She’s playful and kind. She positively exudes confident femininity.

    Amen to all of that, but dam, that position looks uncomfortable.

  2. ‘posed like a mermaid stranded on a stick of gum.’

    Like a yummy mermaid on an inviting stick of gum! 😛

    Thank you for not eschewing the feminine and uglying yourself up, but staying pleasing to my eye, Jennifer.

  3. Victimhood status does not apply to wives, mothers, or pretty girls.

    In my opinion, after having lived on an all female campus with roughly 2,000 women, this is why so many women hate everything about Sarah Palin. It’s not about the politics or anything she actually believes, it’s because she’s smoking hot even as she has crossed the “of a certain age” threshold, she has a very good looking husband who was perfectly happy to support her and his family and still step aside in his career when her career took more priority and attention, and she had ridiculously adorable children.

    Instead of being seen as a woman who really did manage to have it all – family, loving husband, and career while also being blessed with great genes – she became the representation of what so many women didn’t achieve, and they hated her for it. Similar issues are at work here.

  4. I really don’t know what the feminist movement wants. What is their end goal? Seems like they insist we are the makers of our destiny, not to be held back by “the man” or glass ceiling, in charge of our bodies/minds/future. We are not to be defined by men or society yet this very vocal segment of society dictates how they think we should present ourselves and then try to shame successful women for their own accomplishments.

    You know what? If I want to dress up like Audrey Hepburn, Whoopie Goldberg or Ellie Mae Clampitt, it’s my damn business.

    I spent 17 years working in a county parks facility (that also housed a small zoo-my job) about 10 years of that as the only female. I did my job and did it well. And when the floods came (park was in a (usually) dry reservoir) I worked 18 hours in 3′ of water to load animals and move them. AND I TOTALLY ROCKED THE WADER/RAIN SLICKER/BALL CAP LOOK! (I’m sure that would have tied their knickers in a knot for some reason.)

    I earned the respect of my co-workers through hard work and sweat equity not by carrying a poster and demanding it.

  5. I can only wonder what that commenter looked like… Just sayin… Most of the ‘rabid’ feminists I’ve encountered were to put it charitably, NOT pretty…

  6. How could she possibly be using her looks to get ahead? She’s the CEO, fercryingoutloud. She can’t get any ahead-er than that.

    And she works. I did a brief piece about her in July, with the following note:

    “Mayer was five months pregnant when she took the Yahoo! job; subsequently, she took a whole two weeks of maternity leave and then built a nursery for little Macallister next to her office.”

    So not only is she prettier than her critics, but she outworks them too.

  7. I always appreciate it when things like this get written. If I were to write it, I would get accused of sexism from the rooftops.

    Thanks as always for the intelligent, respectful, and above all interesting stuff!

  8. Ceo’s have been grabbing headlines, making appearances, pandering to demographics, since, like, a long time. I recall an aged Pat Boone in biker drag. I also recall the (business theme) rant on “pimps and whores, pimps and whores” in the movie “Accepted” — supposed comedy.

    As for a fashion shoot and feminism, recall that the gist of women’s fashion is wooing men as if getting a man is the very definition of feminine — which perhaps it is.

    Even older than feminism, is the axiom, “as long as they spell your name right, there is no bad publicity.” So what if a journalist pans the association of CEO with fashion? They spelled the name right, and there was nothing said about what values Marissa Mayer holds — only whether her image advances one writer’s hobby horse or not.

    Me, I have no idea whether Ms. Mayer holds with feminism, whether she thinks her success and position are because of her feminist values or because she is good at what she chose to do.

  9. Rush Limbaugh once said, tongue firmly in cheek,

    “The feminist movement was created to allow ugly women access to the mainstream of society”.

    It seems out that there was a lot of truth in his jest.

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