Muse: Essential and Pissed

So I decided to semi-furlough Muse. And by semi-furlough, I mean do it government style. No, not by paying someone extra to put up Barrycades or anything. I mean deeming Muse ‘essential’ for running the blog and thus required to show up and work without pay.

But now, Muse is pissed. Sure, all the back pay will be caught up on the next paycheck just like all the other furloughed members of the team. Muse is pissed that even though Creativity was just sleeping late and playing video games, Creativity gets back pay too. As does Research and Wit, even though they have clearly been absent from the blog. Snark* is just giving me dirty looks and making wry comments, so nothing new.

I’d send Muse to a therapist, but I can’t tell whether or not that’s covered under the new health insurance policy. But the good news is that we’ve decided to raise the humor limit. This blog now demands 20% more laughs with no promise of increase in the funny output!

*also essential for basic blog functions

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