Ok, staycation really. I am taking this week off work. I have banned the alarm clock and am getting some things done around the house and spending time with my family. Posting may be light for the week. Or not, just whatever I get around to doing.

Oh yeah, I’ve got a birthday tomorrow. To celebrate, I want you to go do something fun, buy yourself something nice (If you use my Amazon link that’s like getting me a present too), or do something weird because it’s Weird Al’s birthday too. (I wish him a happy one every year. He’s yet to acknowledge mine. If any of you can fix that, I’d be thrilled.)

3 thoughts on “Vacation!”

    1. 35th. If I ever lie about my age, I’m adding years. I don’t want to look like 29 with 6 years experience. Instead, I’ll tell people I’m 43 and they’ll say, “Damn! You look great!”

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