Birthday Call To Action!

Yes, this is silly. But here’s what I want you to do, get Weird Al to wish me a happy birthday.

Tweet him

Hit him up on Facebook

Send a pigeon. Or if you just so happen to have an inside track, make this happen.

You see, his birthday is today too. For the last several years, I’ve been trying to get him to notice that it’s my birthday to no avail. So I am enlisting all of you. Please spread the word. Let’s make this happen. Yeah, I ask you for favors of behalf of other people all the time, but this one is for me. I almost never ask for that.

And I’m 35 today. Like I said yesterday

35th. If I ever lie about my age, I’m adding years. I don’t want to look like 29 with 6 years experience. Instead, I’ll tell people I’m 43 and they’ll say, “Damn! You look great!”


7 thoughts on “Birthday Call To Action!”

  1. You should’ve said something last month. You know the Barnes and Noble in OKC, just north of NW expressway on May? He did a signing up there Sept. 23rd.

  2. You look great , I seen your pic, you look 24-25 old. I wouldn’t know. You could fool me easy. the beauty ,I can see it in you. Hot.

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