Half Life 2: Alyx Vance


I don’t play video games, but my son decided he wanted to be a character from Half Life 2 for Halloween and suggested we follow suit. Oh sure, whatever. I hadn’t come up with a costume yet anyway. Then he told me that he thought I could play Alyx Vance.


This looks like a job for Google! So I found an image and posted it the book of Face with the thought that I could probably pull that off.



Received the comment of

How much would be “costume” and how much would be “Saturday?”

Hmm, thought I. Without purchasing a single item, how close could I get to that look?




You tell me.

23 thoughts on “Half Life 2: Alyx Vance”

    1. There’s gotta be some discrepancies to avoid copyright infringement. Although, with the tactical toaster ™ in hand, I don’t think anybody’s gonna argue that point with her.

  1. Um, your shirt is tucked in — too long to correctly expose the top edge of the jeans waistline. Not saying to go for the navel exposure, per se, but the jeans could also lean a bit further toward what my generation called a “hip hugger” look.

    Looks warmer, much more mature, not as edgy a “mayhem and frolic” mindset. And should do nicely for any Halloween themed purpose.

  2. Dayum, young lady

    You look eerily like my mom when I was twelve. All you need do is dye your hair dirlty blond with streaks of grey and have an unfiltered Camel hangin’ off your lip. Mom didn’t carry but she had a 4″ S&W Mod.10 in the top drawer of the kitchen cabinet with the wax paper and her kitchen knives. An Idea how long ago this was is that I’m now 69 goin’ on 17.

  3. Yeah, but with the gun phobes around, you need an airsoft gun, even in your own homw, answering the door, to hand out the tribute, err goodies.

  4. Heh, looks more like the normal Saturday to me… And eerie is right… 🙂 I remember the Laura Croft get up from Blogorado too… Gonna start calling you the Chameleon!

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