I Got Nuthin’

You all already what a ringing success the launch of Obamacare has turned out to be. How he kept all his promises and we all get to keep our health insurance and doctors and just pay less. It’s a veritable medical utopia.

And I’m sure the NSA didn’t really eavesdrop on Chancellor Angela Merkel. It’s all a misunderstanding. She just butt-dialed Dear Reader a bunch of times.

But since it’s that time of year again when all the sexy, sexy ghouls come out, I’ll link you back to an old post here. Remember kids, the real monsters don’t always wear masks.

6 thoughts on “I Got Nuthin’”

  1. Angela Merkle is either the modern Inspector Renault posturing for an ignorant press and public, or is really too stupid and naive to be given the keys to a country.

    You would think that someone that deals with France on a regular basis would understand that countries have no “friends”, only allies with occasional parallel interests.

    She should spend less time whining about the NSA doing it’s actual job (i.e. outside the US, where it’s supposed to be doing it) and more time hammering her COMSEC folks.

    And if her SIGINT troops aren’t trying to do the same to Barry, then both they, and she as their leader, are guilty of gross criminal negligence in the performance of their duties to their country.

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