Pet Project

Behold! I bring you the cute!
major-300x209Just look at that face.


This lovely girl is currently residing with our friends, the Atomic Nerds. As you saw from the link that I know you clicked on, she’s got some special needs. Enter everyone’s favorite sucker, our dear Farm Girl.

She has stepped up to be caregiver for this precious Akita. She’s got the will, the skills, and the space, but is a bit tight on the funds.

Don’t make me show you the face again!

Every little bit really does help, and you can give here.


I did it. I showed you THAT FACE again. Go on, click the pic.

There are a lot of people out here on the interwebs. If everyone just threw a couple bucks in the hat, it would make a big difference.

ETA: Farm Girl tells me in the comments below that a home may have been found for Major! Donations will still go towards her care. Just wanted to update for anyone reading in a reader without clicking into the comments.


3 thoughts on “Pet Project”

  1. we may actually have a taker for her that has the financial ability. Anything donated will still go to Major, but she may not come live with me. Nothing definite yet, but it is a possibility.

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