Love and Prayers for the Phillippines

Growing up, my family was always very close with a missionary to the Philippines. For all my life I have been connected to the work of Salvador Cariaga. I shared many meals with him at my parent’s home. He’s really more family than friend.

And so it was with shock and horror when I started to see the images from Arapal.

Arapal Children's Home
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This is the Arapal Children’s Home. It has served orphans, fed countless impoverished children, and saved many lives.

From Facebook

Sometime before, during, or after Sunday services, please announce to your church the needs in the Philippines. The damage and destruction there is at the highest level of calamity in the world. List of death will be in the thousands. Tacloban alone is over a thousand deaths and counting. We were fortunate in Arapal because although all our buildings were destroyed, lives were spared because we had one solid shelter made out of cement and stone. 50 people were able to seek refuge in the basement and were unharmed. Hundreds of thousands were not as fortunate.

Please send your help to Shepherds HIll International, PO Box 11000, Oklahoma City, OK 73136. Or you may send it online to Shepherds Hill is a non-profit organization led by Dr. Mike O’Neal as the chairman of the board (former OC president). All disaster donations will be sent to the Philippines to help with the relief and rebuilding work there. Just note that it is for the disaster in the Philippines. I am also avialable to speak in churches or civic groups. For more information, please contact me at 817 480 1287 or email me at

Please pray and pass this announcement around.
God bless us all.

Salvador Cariaga

Fortunate. They lost everything they had built and yet they are fortunate. Their needs are very real and immediate. Salvador’s organization is already there. They are a part of the community. I am confident that any funds donated will go directly to help those in need.

Here is an interview that he did with The Weather Channel

Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. Arapal was a refuge. It will be again.


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