What? Empowering Women Without Bashing Men?

Feminism, you’re doing it wrong. Just look at these girls being empowered to be themselves without being told how they are just held down by the patriarchy.  We just can’t stand for that! How will these girls ever learn that everything bad that ever happens to them is due to blatant sexism? You can’t tell them they can learn and do things to better themselves! How will you ever convince them that Womyn’s Studies is a perfectly marketable degree? /snark

Little Jenni would have loved this. I think she just did a back-flip in my head and somehow managed to break something. Thankfully, I don’t have to cover my inner child on my insurance and since her doctor is my head too, she can keep him.

Sure, I played with Lego’s and claimed all my brother’s building sets for my own, but this would have felt like it was really mine. Not that there’s anything wrong with all the pink and the dolls and the feathers and the ruffles, but dammit! I got tired of needing to request the ‘boy’ Happy Meal because I preferred the Hot Wheels and Lego sets to the non-articulated hunk of plastic that was an even less cool rendition of Barbie. Who decided that was fun? She just stood there and well, stood there.

My Little Ponies rode into battle alongside the Transformers! And then I braided their hair. Because I have always been both girly and tomboy. Can you say ‘target demographic’?

Kids can be mean and they are so very impressionable. I can’t tell you how many times some boy told me that I wasn’t supposed to be playing with Lego’s because those were for boys. Most days I shoot them a raspberry and go on about my business, but that wasn’t everyday. Some days I’d sulk over to the dolls and tea sets and pretend to have fun just so I didn’t seem weird. Good times!

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16 thoughts on “What? Empowering Women Without Bashing Men?”

  1. Awesome.

    And regarding the all-pink thing, I was surprised recently while trying to find a gift for my girlfriend’s niece how nearly completely pink the girls’ section of Toys R Us was. Of course, the selection of toy guns for girls sucked, too.

  2. Our kiddo is sorta fifty-fifty…she enjoys playing with horses (and I don’t think she stopped smiling the entire time we were out on a trail ride in Colorado back in Sept), but loves playing with HotWheels as well. We stopped at a fast-food place and she wanted one of the kids’ meal toys, they handed her a doll. She handed it back, walked over to the display, and pointed at the Batman toy she wanted. The guy actually looked over at me to see if it was okay! LOL So I have hopes for her yet!

  3. I gave my daughter a hammer. She liked barbie dolls, horror stories, and as soon as Fangoria was in her radar, she was on it.
    I am all about giving kids the tools to deal with their fears, rather than telling them that what they are afraid of does not exist. They exist when you are eight years old. They are real fears and have to be taken seriously.
    Give the scared girl a hammer. Give the child afraid of ghosts a ” magic blanket’ or a laser pointer, that everyone knows shreds them.
    The childhood fears are REAL, to them.
    Think of something that allows them to fight back.

    1. Reminds me of when Darlin’ Daughter was a youngling.

      First we told her no monsters in the closet, because they aren’t allowed in there, and if they are in there, what? “Daddy kills them?” Yep!

      Then came the stuffed 4 Ft long alligator under the bed that ate monsters.

      Then came the Guinea Pigs in her room that guarded her at night, because monsters taste like broccoli and we know how much Guinea Pigs love broccoli!

      Finally, after careful training, gave her the rubber band rifle and a mini-mag light and told her there was a 1 penny bounty on all the monsters she could kill.

      1. In my house when the girls get scared the conversation goes like this
        Daughter – “I’m scared that they may be monsters that may come to get me”
        Me- “Hmm, so if one does come in here what could we do about it?”
        D- “Well I could yell for you…”
        Me-“Yep, that would work I would take care fo the monster for you”
        D-“Yeah but I’m still scared…”
        Me-“want the monster club again?”
        D-“yeah that will do it, then I will call you if I cant kill the monster first… OK?”
        Me-“yep thats fine by me”

        The Monster club is a piece of 1″ diameter oaken dowel, about 16″ long, rounded off on the ends and with a recessed para-cord wrapped handle with a lanyard hole through it. Basically a build your own billy club.

        It takes care of all monster worries at night 😀

        Thanks for sending me to the goldiblox site, I have three daughters (9, 5, and newbie) so these things will get LOTS of good use.

  4. You are such a tomboy and I love you so much Jennifer! I love how you will put on your fatigues and combat boots and tromp through the mud with me on Saturday and then do your hair and makeup and put on your Armani suit and stilettos to go to church on Sunday. You’re equally comfortable under the hood of a car, digging in the garden, rappelling down a bluff, cleaning freshly killed game, and hob-nobbing at a snooty party. Being married to you feels like being an international spy sometimes. LOL! I have a feeling that the next fifteen years are going to be even better than the previous fifteen.

    1. See for us, the girl whos the “destroyer of worlds”/”wrecking ball gone wild” is also the one who loves barbies. Then we have the pink princess, whos a crack shot, and wants to learn how to field dress a deer (shes 9), or dad has to bring her back a lung.

      We let them pick the toy or activity and embrace and enjoy what ever they want to do with it.

      too many parents try to make those decisions for the kids “My daughter shall not wear pink” etc…

  5. Commercial use is not parody. Nor is advertising ‘free speech’. And, while I’ve not checked the court documents, I’ll bet you a fiver the startup didn’t even -ask- before appropriating someone else’s work. The Beastie Boys extensive use of sampling, and the irony of the situation are not lost on me.

    And the EFF’s argument is weak sauce. “because it’s cool” is not a compelling legal argument. Bending the law ‘because it’s cool’ is a large part of why our current judicial system (and government in general) are so fucked up.

    Giving a guilty defendant a pass because they’re ‘cool’ is just as contemptable as allowing an innocent defendant to be convicted, because they are ‘un-cool’

    I’ll be honest, I’d really like to see a nice out-of-court settlement between Goldiblox and the Beastie Boys & Company. Ideally one that lets Goldieblox continue to operate.

    It’s unlikely to happen, however.

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