Looking for Something Unique This Christmas? Get Lei’d

Maybe bring something tropical into the dreary cold?


Several months ago, Aloha Island Lei emailed and asked if they could send me a lei. They assured me that such a thing was possible even though I live in the dead center of the continental US. I was intrigued.

I was completely unprepared for what came in the mail a few weeks later. Packed carefully with a couple of reusable ice packs, were two strands of exotic flowers and a couple of chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Beautiful as they were, it was the smell that really knocked me out. Suddenly, my little house in the middle of Oklahoma smelled like the islands. It was intoxicating.

I wish I could somehow share that, but they don’t have scratch and sniff for the internet. But I can show you the construction.


Each orchid is individually tied into the lei.


As is each Tuberose. (It’s the tuberose that smells so incredible)

4000DSC_1308It just so happened that someone had spilled water on their cubicle wall in the office. These cubicle walls have the very interesting ability to smell like rotting fish when they’ve gotten wet. But not at my desk. Oh no, it smelled like tropical flowers there.

Even a week later, they still made an EvylRobot, a TeenBot, and the mother of bot smile

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Or at least make faces.

As per the instructions, I hung them up to dry back in July

Here they are today at the end of November

The smell lingered for months and the orchids are still beautiful today. The tuberose didn’t dry quite so beautifully, but it’s aroma was remarkable.

If you are looking for something for the person that has everything, check out Aloha Island Lei. I mean really, who doesn’t want to get lei’d for Christmas? Or really, for any occasion?

FTC: Yep, they sent them to me in hopes that I would review them. Didn’t you see where I mentioned that up there?

5 thoughts on “Looking for Something Unique This Christmas? Get Lei’d”

  1. heh. Church I was a member of while stationed at Pearl Harbor always gave a lei to visitors. Mom and Dad visited….while waiting for the service to start, I leaned over and whispered “now, when you get home, you can tell everyone you got lei’d IN CHURCH!!!” Dad laughed. Mom was scandalized. Not hard to see who I got my (warped) sense of humor from!

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