Getting Squared Away in the Hunting Blind

This seemed an appropriate shot even if the Gunny himself isn’t a fan of the AR

Rather than battle the crowds to hunt the elusive bargain, EvylRobot and I spent our Saturday in the woods hunting for fast food. Knowing that a fair amount of time spent hunting is really more waiting, I brought along Gunny’s Rules: How to Get Squared Away Like a Marine to pass the time. (Go ahead and click that link and buy it. And whatever else you are shopping for while you are at it.)

Gunny’s Rules is part biography, part self help book, and a terrible choice for reading in your hunting blind. Why terrible? Because in multiple places I had to suppress the urge to laugh out loud and cheer in approval. R. Lee Ermey, I’m blaming you for the lack of venison in my freezer! You owe me, mister!

The book is not arranged chronologically, rather R Lee Ermey tells stories to illustrate the life lessons he wishes to convey. The words magically transformed from words written on paper into Gunny’s voice in my head. It was fast paced and entertaining and my one real complaint is that it was too short. Gunny is so very charming and delightful that I could have easily spent another 200 pages with him. Luckily, my friend Kenn Blanchard did an interview with him which is also quite charming and entertaining.

Gunny’s Rules: How to Get Squared Away Like a Marine is R Lee Ermey’s take on everything from leadership to fitness to traffic (seriously, get out of the passing lane ya jackwagon!) and lots of stuff in between. You won’t regret the couple of hours it takes to read it.

FTC: The publisher provided this book to me for the purposes of review. My thoughts are my own. 



4 thoughts on “Getting Squared Away in the Hunting Blind”

  1. Sorry to hear you havent connected yet, best of luck!

    Personally in the blind/tree stand I opt for audiobooks on the phone. Stick a single earbud in, keep the volume really low, and its never “outed” me yet. Leaves one ear open for sound, and both eyes free to scan. Helps keep me awake on the long morning sits as well (really comfy tree stand is a bad thing sometimes)

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