Mutant Sweet Potato Soup

First, obtain a mutant sweet potato

It should be larger than your sister’s head

Be sure and take poorly lit photos and post them to Facebook where your family will inform you that it appears you just gave birth to the mutant tuber.

Slice some and throw it on the grill. Enjoy.

Shred some and add an egg to make some delicious hash-browns. Enjoy

Make clam chowder* using some mutant potato in place of the russet potato. Enjoy

Wonder what they hell you are going to do with the rest of the mutant potato in the kitchen.

Get lost on Pinterest.

Disregard every recipe you found there and just make it up as you go along. Or, you can attempt to recreate my concoction.


2/3s of a mutant sweet potato dug out of the gardens of your competition. (You can probably substitute 5-7 regular sized store bought sweet potatoes.)

1lb Pork Chorizo from the hippy grocery store

1/2 a yellow onion

Whatever garlic is sitting on top of the microwave (8ish cloves?)

A couple of slices of ginger root

The last of the jalapenos from the garden

1 cup milk

Salt and pepper to taste


Dice the onion and brown with the chorizo. Say chorizo a dozen or more times.

While that is browning, cut the mutant sweet potato into cubes. Notice how it looks an awful lot like cheese. Saute with chorizo and onions once the onions are clear.

saute Stir it around enough to coat the potatoes with the juices and lightly toast the cubes. Dice the ginger and stir that in.

Dump into crock-pot. Along with the leftover shredded potatoes from the other night.

Remember you have garlic. Peel it and whack each clove with the side of your kitchen knife (Santoku works great). Saute it in the grease from the chorizo n’ stuff until it is mushy. Throw it into the crock-pot.

Wash but do not slice the jalapenos from the garden because tomorrow’s dinner guest doesn’t like spicy food. Throw them into the crock-pot.

Pour in a cup of milk and a couple of cups of water and cook on low heat overnight.

Turn temp up in the morning and stir every time you walk through the kitchen.











Salt, pepper, etc to taste and serve











This soup comes out quite savory and really more like a chili (but most certainly not chili). Honestly, while it was cooking you would have sworn there were tomatoes stewing. You could easily spice it up if desired. It’s tasty, simple, and decidedly orange. This recipe is certified Jennifer Injury Free as well.

*Evyl’s culinary adventure. You’ll have to pester him for the recipe. It’s totally worth it. He’s the real chef in the house. I just make a mess of his kitchen.

5 thoughts on “Mutant Sweet Potato Soup”

  1. I love to make mashed potatoes 50/50 with sweets and a lot of garlic. Or use the sweet potato with a roast in the crock pot (the gravy from the drippings then is just… mmmmmmm)

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