The Great Sock Monkey Plot of 2013

Foiled by a brave and plucky TSA agent!

“Rooster Monkburn has been disarmed so I’m sure everyone on the plane was safe,” she said. “I understand she was doing her job but at some point doesn’t common sense prevail?”

Who knows what dastardly deeds Rooster Monkburn had planned? Perhaps it was a vast conspiracy. I have noticed several socks have gone mysteriously missing from the dryer. It’s not completely out of the realm of possibilities that Rooster Monkburn has coerced them into joining his army with intent to…


Well, I’m not sure what the end goals of his plans may be, but you can be sure they are nefarious. Just look at this face and tell me his actions are noble and upright.

Credit: Phyllis May via King5
Credit: Phyllis May via King5
















Never trust a monkey in an eye patch.

But thanks to the diligence of the brave TSA agent, there was to be no monkey business on that flight. They really are the last line of defense against no-good evil-doing sock monkeys. I bet he didn’t even pass a background check.

When can we get some common sense sock monkey regulations?

(H/T kahr40)


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