A Triumph for Equality or Just Desserts?

A bakery in Colorado has been ordered to make wedding cakes for inter-racial marriages or face fines in spite of the fact that the owner has strong religious convictions against such unions.

Bigotry Bakery stated that they would be happy to make birthday cakes, shower cakes, cookies, or brownies but refused to make a cake for an inter-racial wedding. He’d rather make wedding cakes for dogs.

“Being denied service by <redacted> was offensive and dehumanizing especially in the midst of arranging what should be a joyful family celebration,” Mullins said in statement. “No one should fear being turned away from a public business because of who they are. We are grateful to have the support of our community and our state, and we hope that today’s decision will help ensure that no one else will experience this kind of discrimination again in Colorado.”

ABC News

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See what I did there?

Even with my little tweak to the story, I still believe the judge is wrong here. And if his ruling is true to the law, then the law is wrong. You see, I believe the Constitution protects his right to be a dick. I don’t have to like what he has to say and how he chooses to say it just as long as his expression doesn’t infringe on my rights.

Honestly, I wish all the racists, sexists, what-ever-ists would put up signs. ‘Cause you know what? If there is a big ol’ sign on the door stating that you don’t serve *insert derogatory slur* here, I’m going to keep on walking and take my business elsewhere. If I find out that person A is a bona fide asshole, I can use my first amendment rights to tell everyone I know and encourage them not to support the business.

But, I should not have the right to bring the force of the law against them. I should not be able to force them to compromise their convictions at the end of a gun. Your freedom does not trump their freedom. His refusal to make the cake did not mean this couple couldn’t have cake. It meant they had to procure it elsewhere. Which I am fairly certain they did. And then filed a complaint because the baker hurt their feelings.

Boo-freakin’-hoo. Suck it up. Then go tell all your friends and have your friends tell their friends what a big meanie he is. Tell them all to go to the way more fabulous bakery down the street. Or open your own big gay bakery.

Speech and expression that everyone likes has no need of protection. It’s the inflammatory stuff that does. The very right that allows for pride parades protects that “church” that protests funerals. You don’t have to like it.

You can’t eat your cake and have it too.

(H/T to Matt Walsh.)

11 thoughts on “A Triumph for Equality or Just Desserts?”

  1. Amen. Doesn’t matter what the dude’s beliefs are, they are HIS beliefs and protected under the 1st amendment. And I seriously doubt that his bakery was the only one in town, and like you said, the couple got their cake at another bakery, then cried “butthurt” (the puns practically beg to be made, don’t they?). I don’t have to agree with the baker’s stance, but I have to agree that he has the right to make it.

  2. “But if I cannot get the state to force him to do what I want, the butthurt will be even worse! It’s not FAIIIIRRRR!”


  3. So if I go in a muslim restaurant and ask for a ham steak, they have to serve me??? Or I can sue and be butthurt??? This whole damn mess is WAY over the top IMHO…

  4. I can be against an action, without being against a person, so I disagree that this person is a bigot.

    Remember, you don’t have a right to anything someone else has to provide for you.

  5. THANK YOU!!!!

    I have been saying exactly this for YEARS and have been derided as a racist homophobe*.

    The baker in this is an ass-hat (in my opinion), but he’s an ass-hat that should have the right to refuse business to anyone, for whatever reasons he wishes.

    I have been saying for years that businesses should be allowed (or, better yet, required by law) to post a sign clearly stating the groups with which they refuse to do business. This would move bigotry from the dark and expose it to light where it can be properly ridiculed. As an added benefit, those of us who would rather not give money to or support businesses owned by racist or homophobic assholes will be able to take our custom elsewhere.


    * for the record, I support marriage rights for everyone, and I believe in judging people by the content of their character. In that, a person’s race is not a valid indicator.

  6. Whatever happened to all the signs I used to see that said… “We reserve the right to refuse service to anybody”. There’s no preconditions as to who you are, what group you belong to, what race or religion you are. If you walk into my store wearing a yellow t-shirt I should be able to say “Get out. Your t-shirt is giving me a headache”.

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