You Know That 5 Pounds You’re Likely to Gain Over the Holidays?

I’m just going to go ahead and get that out of the way today. Food Nazi be dammed!

There’s a wreath of chocolate around the corner, a catered BBQ lunch with a project group, and then a department Christmas party with fajitas this afternoon. If that doesn’t do it, the company Christmas luncheon is on Friday.

Pardon me while I go find my stretchy pants.

Tomorrow, I have a date with the treadmill. Or the rowing machine.

7 thoughts on “You Know That 5 Pounds You’re Likely to Gain Over the Holidays?”

  1. You can dramatically lengthen your life by eating right.

    You really want another two decades of gut lacerating granola ridden misery?

    Screw that.

    Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die.
    Now, can somebody pass the baked beans down this way?
    And toss a couple of more biscuits to me please.
    Oh…and that honey cinnamon butter, send that down too.


  2. Rowing, huh? I know I never lost weight when tired.

    And then there was the book on “Reach for your mate, instead of your plate”. Not really helpful, since I was single when I saw it. Catchy title, though.

    John Tesh has some pointers on weight control on his Intelligence for Living web site. Like, keep up the water, you need a “fasting” period at least 12 hours long each day; and when hungry first drink a glass of water and wait a bit — often you are thirsty, and misinterpret that as wanting something to eat.


    1. I’m not exactly worried about losing weight. I’m a fan of fitness but not of food deprivation. Anyone that tells me I can subsist on salad can kiss my firm, perky ass.

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