At Least I Think I’m Funny

So I’m just going to go ahead and quote myself

I keep trying to pitch my miracle weight-loss diet. What better way to lighten the load than by eating flying reindeer? [corrected my typo from the original]

It’s a billion dollar idea (so, just a couple of bitcoins ought to do it)!

It won’t make your pants fit any better, but you’ll see the results when you can’t step on the scale!

8 thoughts on “At Least I Think I’m Funny”

  1. Lets see…work outragous hours to earn enough money to equip yourself for reendeer hunting. Then factor in the physical conditing and time afield to become a sucessful hunter. Hmmm…travel and hunting time and more overtime pay to pay for that and a guide…Yep you are one smart lady and 100% on the mark. But then you already take care of yourself and family and look great so why worry. Happy New Year to you and yours

  2. Or, you could quickly inhale a double-lungful of helium, hold your breath, step on the scale, take a reading and then resume normal breathing before you pass out. Easy!

    (Note: Make sure your friends don’t sneak in a bottle of argon instead!)
    Roberta X´s last blog post ..Tamara Addams?

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