Resolution Status: Kept and Broken!

Success! And failure! All squished up into a meaningless ball.

I broke and thus kept my 2013 New Year’s Resolution all year long. How’d you do?

Maybe for 2014 I should resolve to share more cat pictures. Then I can totally win the internet, right? I can even talk about their new cat house and attract a new type of visitors!

It is a rather impressive cat house.


Or maybe I should just resolve to dust the ceiling.


Emerson has resolved to kill the mouse

Siamese Mouser

7 thoughts on “Resolution Status: Kept and Broken!”

  1. Cats are truly a blessing to a house, as long as we keep those scratching posts nearby. Also good mousers.,,,, Hunters. 🙂

  2. “Hunter’s” is right…
    Ever try to get a mouse out of a couch after one of your, “Hunters” has brought one into the house to show you.
    The snake didn’t make it into the house though…My wife beat our female to the door. First time I ever saw her move that fast.
    Siamese….Sure did enjoy the time we had two adults and five kittens. The herd sounded like someone rolling a garbage can down the hall. You just pulled the blankets over your head and hoped the claws didn’t come through.

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