So, Now Do I Need A Manufacturing License?

I have, on occasion, at least attempt to manufacture organic silencers. Alright, so I tried and failed, but here are a couple of organic silencers (I know, suppressors. Geez!) that I got from a coworker.


There wasn’t even a background check! The horror!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I’ve lost my mind.

Jen. Um. Those are squash, not silencers (suppressors)

I thought so too. Until I read this.

Investigators say a person suspected of robbing a Charleston County gas station used a squash to silence shots fired at the business.

Personally, I like my silencers lightly sautéed in butter. Or deep-fried. Or grilled.

We’ve got to crack down on the scourge of organic silencers! Think of the children! These things just grow on trees vines!

A question for the peanut gallery. So does the BATFEIEIO* confiscate this one? Seems like taking it to the band saw of wanton destruction** would be kind of excessive. Not that the BATFEIEIO would ever do anything excessive.

*I will be eternally grateful to Tam for that one

**Feel free to use that as your next RPG weapon

4 thoughts on “So, Now Do I Need A Manufacturing License?”

  1. Does this “Squash” Suppressor work with the “Ice Bullets” after you have bludgeoned them with the frozen Leg O’ Lamb we had last night for dinner ?
    Why not save yourself a lot of trouble and use a 1ltr. plastic soft drink bottle ?

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