I Found It! Definitive Proof of Time Travel

Ha! I have bested the scientific minds searching for time travelers on Twitter and other social media. Duh! Everyone knows that time travelers don’t tweet. They already know that in 2015, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian post epic 3D selfies and irreparably crash the servers*.

And besides, if proof of time travel was ever published, the time traveler in question could just slip back in time and remove it before it could be discovered.** Unless the time traveler in question happens to be one of these celebrities for whom narcissism outweighs continuity. (Note to self: if you ever get to travel in the blue box, photo-bomb at every opportunity.)

There’s a little café on the first floor in one of our office buildings. The wall in the café is decorated with a pictorial history of the company. So, I went over to get my lunch today and saw this
Do you see it? There’s a time traveler at this gas station. Look closely.

Apparently, when Loves acquired the APCO in 1975, someone was visiting in a mid-80’s Mercury Cougar. Back in 1975, the Cougar looked like this

From Old Parked Cars

The one in the picture looks like an 87 or 88

image via wikipedia

Time traveler, obviously.

*How do I know? Time traveler told me

**Then why is this post here? It’s not. You’re having a very strange dream. And you should by no means highlight the space below this.

Because wibbly wobbly timey wimey. I made him pinkie swear to leave it alone. Besides, if it was suddenly disappeared, the disappearance would then prove the existence of time travelers.

9 thoughts on “I Found It! Definitive Proof of Time Travel”

  1. Yep. I had an ’84 Cougar with that same bodyshell and a slightly less interesting roof. (Wonderful little ride when it wasn’t munching on its head gaskets.)

    So whoever was in charge of Anachronism Avoidance messed up, big time.
    CGHill´s last blog post ..Glued to the showroom floor

  2. I was a little boy then, Like 5 years old. but I remember my Mom driving a mercury Monarch < I think it was called. It was a Gas Hog. The interior was all plastic like the seats were Ewwe… Vynel., Opps spelled Vinyl wrong. 🙂

  3. I hate to break it to you, but those gas pumps weren’t even made until 1983. How do I know? Swing Assistant Manager Mark at your service.

    I was a traveling assistant manager for Sinclair Marketing aka Sinclair Gas Stations, and one of my jobs was to help install those beasts at our stations in the 90’s. As such to comply with EPA, DNR and State Regs I had to write out the data plates on all of the pumps we installed. And all of ours were rebuilt and originally manufactured between 1985 and 1989. So I got to know quite a bit about them. And how they liked to burn out the control boards, and the secondary pumps. I got quite good at changing boards and reprogramming them. The secondary pumps not so much.

  4. Time travel will not exist during my lifetime, or I would have already had a visit from my older self with advice about what stocks to buy and who not to date. Of course there was that enigmatic Uncle John who told me all sorts of odd things that I never understood…

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