Sick for the last couple of days. I believe I am on the mend. Sorry for the lack of content.

Why is it that fighting off a bug causes such oddball dreams?

I dreamed that for some reason we were staying with my parents for a few days. I had left my laptop out in the living room over-night. My laptop has a couple of cracks in the case, and in my dream, my dad took it upon himself to “fix” it.

Now I should point out that my dad does meddle and mess with things that are none of his business, but he is actually pretty handy with things in real life. When I was a kid I believed he could fix anything. Including a tissue that I shredded just to challenge his skills. He was Mr. Fix-it to little Jenni. Remember Mr. Fix-it from the Richard Scarry books?

Picture via Scratchpad
Picture via Scratchpad












If he knew my actual laptop had cracks in the case, it would annoy him to no end, but I doubt that he would actually do anything about it. He certainly wouldn’t pull out the guts and build my laptop into some lucite box of his own creation like he did in my dream.

And it didn’t work. I mean, it would boot up, but it wouldn’t connect to WiFi. I was mad. Spitting, seeing red, angry. Teenaged yelling in the front yard, angry.

So I did what any completely rational adult would do and barged into their bedroom.

And there were my parents. Just hanging out in their comically giant bed…

with Snoop Dogg. Who was dressed in a red track suit and seemingly quite entertained by my tirade.

Yeah. I don’t know.

5 thoughts on “Blargh”

  1. Did you take NYQUIL? I took nyquil and it gave me weird bad dreams. I don’t know why. I slept and felt better but I had strange dreams like Snoop Dog. No more nyquil.

  2. A banging noise was coming from our family room. Just as I got to the door, I heard a little girl’s voice say, “Don’t do that, you’ll break it.” My daughter’s response was, “If I do, my Dad will fix it.”

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