You Do Not Have To Choose Between Belief in a Creator God and Science

They are not mutually exclusive.

So there was some debate between a scientist and some young earth creationist that got the internet riled up recently. I haven’t watched it nor do I plan to. That kind of thing makes me embarrassed for everyone involved.

Choosing to believe in God seems obvious to me specifically because of the scientific wonders of the world. Yes, I believe God spoke the world into existence. I also believe He made it scientifically sound. Whether or not it was a literal six days is irrelevant because what he created was a fully evolved world requiring very specific balances of chemicals and conditions, forces and events. Just like Jesus turned water in wine in an instant; God made an old world.

I don’t buy it that it all happened by chance. Science has not nor will it ever prove or disprove God because science is in the business of the observable. It is not in the business of faith.The study of evolution is the study of the mechanics. The how the world was built. Science is no more a rejection of God than making wine is. Every time there is a scientific breakthrough, I stand in greater amazement at the world God created. A world so complex and interconnected with no continuity errors. Humans can’t even avoid that in our literature and video games. A world that continues to become more amazing as it evolves. It’s a work in progress.

The theory of evolution is far from perfect. It’s got holes. But it would be bad science to throw it out and replace it with ‘God did it’. I believe He did, but He did it scientifically. There is a lot we don’t know and can’t explain. Probably always will be. That’s no excuse to stop trying.

But I have brilliant and thoughtful friends that reject the idea of a Creator God. They too are fascinated with the complexity of the world around them. Honestly, some are far better versed in the science than I am.  Although I disagree, I respect their choices in matters of faith. Because I believe that they too are divine creations endowed with free will. God gave us a choice whether or not to believe. If we couldn’t choose not to, faith would be meaningless. And my friends respect my beliefs as well.

I would be a terrible Christian if I belittled my atheist friends for their lack of belief. Sure, I’d love for them to change their minds. I believe in an eternal paradise, and I’d love my friends to be there. But I can’t badger them into faithfulness. That would not only make me a terrible Christian but a terrible friend as well. Honestly, it would make me a terrible human being to think less of anyone for their personal faith or lack thereof.

Unfortunately, it seems the recent sensationalized debate has brought out the worst in some people on both sides. There are professed Christians lashing out at atheist and atheists taking cheap shots at Christians. It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last. At least no one is mounting a crusade or throwing anyone to the lions. It’s just sharp words and hurt feelings.

And it’s not everyone. Just a few blowhards that can’t see beyond their own pain and bigotry. In fact, if you’re reading this, chances are high that none of that applies to you.

Now, can we get back to badgering and belittling the people that really deserve it? You know, like progressives and people who don’t like bacon? 😉

11 thoughts on “You Do Not Have To Choose Between Belief in a Creator God and Science”

  1. Profoundly put, as always.

    I was always taught that the true message of Christianity was love. The love of Christ, his love for you, and your job is to love him and all those around you like he does.

    You can clarify your position via argument, but there is little point in arguing to convince someone of any beliefs. The only way anyone will be converted is through their own heart.

    We all exist as imperfect beings, regardless of faith (or lack thereof), and we use our agency as we see fit, all for our betterment. If we were all perfect, there’d be no reason to be here, and lashing out at our fellow man is taking a step backwards from that love we need to achieve.

  2. I have a friend who, when discussing religion, Christianity, and the Bible, had a Catholic nun tell him the Bible is not meant to be taken literally.

    A Catholic nun.

    Now don’t get me wrong, its literal meaning is awesome. There are a LOT of valuable, direct, plain-language lessons in the Bible. But taking it as a metaphor, applying the general meaning to other facets of life, is VASTLY more far-reaching.

    Besides which, any minimally-engaged reading will tell you that Jesus’ parables were not intended to give farming lessons to … farmers. 😉

    I’ve always answered the “How could God create the world in seven days, when science tells us the Earth is billions of years old?” question with another question: “What is a day to God?” I’d never considered the possibility that you state – that God created an old world – but that’s an excellent point. God is omniscient and omnipotent; He can do anything. Who are we to limit Him to only making shiny new things? Why couldn’t He speak into existence a world that was already old?

    That’s some serious food for thought. Thank you! 😀

  3. Totally agreed with everything you said. A good friend of mine, an outspoken atheist who chose that path after reading most of the major religions’ holy literature (Koran, Book of Mormon, Bible, etc), said that the thing that convinced him was not the books…it was the people. He saw no reason to place his faith in a religion where the only difference between how he lived his daily life and how they lived their daily life was the fact that they went to church every Sunday to renew their feelings of guilt. I freely admitted that he had a point, that “believers” may be the biggest obstacle to non-believers coming to faith. Then I invited him to church, with the understanding that I was making an open-ended offer, and would not pressure him or continue bugging him, but would love to see him attend sometime. He shook my hand for that.
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  4. Well written,thanks for being you.
    On the subject of ‘what can God do?’,I remember a line from my preacher(stop me if you’ve heard this on),when a skeptic asked him “If God can do anything,can he make a rock that’s so big He can’t pick it up?”
    The answer was,”God is so great,He can answer that riddle”.

  5. When doing the evolution unit in HS Biology, my teacher was asked about creationism.

    He took a step back and said that his personal beliefs were his, and we could do with them as we wished, but he pointed out that the laws of science came from somewhere, and he believes a higher power created them, and God is the creator of evolution.

    I don’t see the world the same way that he does…but I don’t see it very differently either.

    They are NOT mutually exclusive.

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