Sharing The Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I get to do something different this year. No flowers, although a co-worker got a beautiful bouquet

I told Michael years ago that I find flowers to be an unnecessary expense and didn’t really want to have them delivered. When we were dating, he tried giving me a few live plants, which I promptly killed because I am a bad plant caretaker.

No, this year, I’ve donned a giant* yellow shirt and I’m going with several co-workers this afternoon to mentor kids at the local Boys & Girls Club. Sharing the love

I hear there is a music and drama room. Should be good times.

*It’s an XL. I’m…er…not.

D’oh! This was sitting in my drafts folder! I meant to publish it on Friday. Sorry all.

3 thoughts on “Sharing The Love”

  1. Candy for you girls is better, the flowers just wilt away and fade. It’s better if he gives you sweets. Flowers are a waste. Just let the night take control. : If you know what I mean. 🙂

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