On Shaky Ground


For us, they’ve been kind of novel, although if a truck actually does hit the front of the house in the wee hours, I’m not going to be prepared. That’s exactly what it sounded like just before my alarm went off this morning. I’ll have to straighten all the pictures and make sure my horses haven’t stepped off the china cabinet. (I have some of these on top of the china cabinet. Paden City is named after an ancestor of mine.)

The tornadoes around here are far more destructive. You could say I prefer my house shaken, not stirred*.

*Come on, you thought I wasn’t going to work that in. This post exists so I could drop that line.

3 thoughts on “On Shaky Ground”

  1. I found the 4+ quakes in Silicon Valley interesting — especially if I was awake in my water bed. I could feel the direction of the energy. Much below 4, though, you had to be alert to notice.

    Funny how Oklahoma has all these oil wells. And what with the water tables dropping and fraccing at full steam, I have to wonder about a connection. We know the fraccing is poisoning water wells way past where the oil companies claim any impact, even though the oil companies sound as innocent as the tobacco companies did, right before the courts pulled back the curtains to show suppressed (dire) research results.

    Brad K.´s last blog post ..Can we make new farmers from city folk?

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