I Had Content Today

Or, at least a blog post rolling around in my head rapidly congealing into something coherent.

And then I saw this




Come back later. Seeing reporter get whacked by snow plow wake has to get old eventually. Right?

Oh who am I talking to? You aren’t even here anymore. You’re over at Dustbury’s place giggling maniacally.

7 thoughts on “I Had Content Today”

  1. Personally, I liked the one of the reporter trying to give a lucid report of things
    happening, while standing down wind in the smoke of a pot burn. He couldn’t have told you his own name….

  2. I think the best part was the first time through it had to load each frame, so I saw it in suuuuuperrrrrr sllllloooooowwwwwwww mmoooooooottiioooooooon. The anticipation was amazing, and the delivery was impeccable.
    bluesun´s last blog post ..More GPr0n 100

  3. No, really, I’m still here. I have two monitors at my desk. It helps me double the amount of work that I’m not getting done…

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